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  • During an expedition through the Amazon Rainforest, father João Felipe Bettenford discovers guaraná, a berry that is native to the region. Used by the native Mawé people as a source of energy, it let their hunters go an entire workday without feeling hungry.
  • German naturalist Carl von Martius starts studying the guaraná plant. Knowledge of its therapeutic qualities and medicinal uses start spreading throughout Europe.
  • Physician Luiz Pereira Barreto succeeds in processing the fruit to produce food. The idea of creating a typically Brazilian soft drink is born.
  • Companhia Antarctica Paulista creates the soft drink's secret formula, which is kept under lock and key to this day. Manufacturing and sales begin in Brazil.
  • In Maués, Amazonas, lies Fazenda Santa Helena. There, the guaraná berry and its cultivation are studied and the techniques developed are taught to producers around the world. Today, the location is home to a large laboratory that contains the largest guaraná gene bank in the world. This city is also where the Antarctica factory is located and where the guaraná distributed to all Guaraná factories is processed.
  • The flavor every Brazilian loves officially arrives in the United States, in New York. Now, even from afar, anyone can be closer to Brazil and its energy.


  • Guaraná Antarctica developed the first PET bottle made entirely from recycled materials, removing more than 120 million bottles from the environment in just nine months.
  • Guaraná Antarctica has been bottled in many different sizes, from 185 mL to 3.3 L.
  • A number of varieties of the Guaraná soft drink have been produced, including Diet, Champagne, Zon, Zero, Strawberry, Kiwi, Pineapple, Açaí, Ice, Guarah and Black.
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Here you can find exclusive support materials to give your store a more Brazilian feel. We have the PDF file for downloading. To request the editable file, send email to acgain@ambev.com.br

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